Menger Sponge

Menger Sponge folded by Grzegorz Bubniak
Folder: Grzegorz Bubniak
Folding method: Card folding method
Photo: Grzegorz Bubniak

This model is a fractal which is the three-dimensional analog of the SierpiƄski carpet. It was folded from rectangles 2 by 1 cm. There is 3 456 units in it. It was really difficult to assemble them because of miniature size of units, so the tweezers were indispensable. Menger sponge (depth 3) would contain 66 048 units. That would be the real challange.

Menger Sponge under construction

Menger Sponge under construction

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    hi i like this ^^
    i ope u make video learn me how to do this or explain it to me

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