Butterfly (Akira Yoshizawa)

Butterfly by Akira Yoshizawa
Creator: Akira Yoshizawa (modified by me)
Folder: Grzegorz Bubniak
Photo: Grzegorz Bubniak
Diagram: Here
CP: Not available
Another usual day at work. Actually I stayed a little longer today – one of those emergency situations. More tired than usually I entered rather empty bus, folded my umbrella and took place next to the window. When the bus set off rain drops cut the window heavily with slanting lines, as if they were strongly determined to shatter it into pieces. Two seats back an old drunkard, fortunately sitting far enough not to pollute my air, tried to pick up cute, young and smart school girl, who apparently found poking fun of him very enjoyable. Trying not to listen to pathetic advances of an old lady killer, I pulled the package of little squares out of my shirt pocket and started to look for a proper colour. Red,… blue,… green,… yellow – that’s the one – the colour of the sun that I badly lacked today. Having chosen the colour I began to kill boredom with the most obvious – diagonal fold. Thought of creating something but since nothing came into my mind I followed to a waterbomb base and then to the commonly known and so beautiful in its simplicity Akira Yoshizawa’s butterfly. Indeed, beautiful, but today it looked somehow harsh to me, so I summoned up the courage to manipulate at Father of Origami’s masterpiece. Fold by fold I shaped the butterfly to my taste, made pleats on upper part of wings, added that little something some butterflies have below the wings, rounded them, made some touches emphasizing the body line and before I could say Nick Robinson I was holding in my palm tiny artwork that made me smile at the end of that rainy day. I hope master Yoshizawa would like it. Ooops, I would almost forgot to step off :)

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  1. Mai Anh says:

    i like it (your modifi butterfly) very much and try to fold it and … :) ok :) thank you for img and your writting!!!

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